Browser Compatibility

Note, on all mobile or smart phones the web site is best viewed in landscape mode, i.e. hold your phone sideways. If the video won't play or your device is trying to download the video instead of playing it, you might need to upgrade your internet browser or download a Video Player APP. There are known issues with web browsers on older Android devices. The fastest and most simple fix is to download and install a new web browser app, an example would be Firefox Mobile or Google Chrome for Android.

If you're using an Apple Mac, iPhone or iPad try upgrading your existing internet browser or installing Safari or Google Chrome or Google Chrome Mobile.

For Windows desktop PC's try upgrading your Internet Explorer or downloading and installing Google Chrome.

For Windows Tablets or Windows Mobile Phones try downloading and installing Google Chrome Mobile.

Please note that some types of mobile phones and similar devices will have difficulty displaying the HTML5 fluid web site we have developed. Unfortunately, there may not be an immediate fix and you may need to access this web site from a desktop PC, laptop or compatible tablet.