OnlineHSE produce custom made induction and training videos to meet specific company or industry requirements. We regularly develop induction videos that incorporate Work Health and Safety, Human Resources, Corporate Profiles and Environmental Management. By utilising our unique database registration process for inductees and also our training library, which emails trainees a "Certificate of Completion", we can assist your company in meeting its obligations under the WHS Act 2011.

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How important is it to induct your workers?

The WHS Act 2011 defines workers as both employees and contractors. When a serious incident occurs, you can bet that one of the first questions asked by WorkCover will be, "has the worker been inducted into your safety system"? develops custom made induction packages that can meet this requirement. We can also include a HR or Corporate component to the induction process, making it a complete company induction.

How do we do it

We develop an induction video that normally takes 7 to 13 minutes to watch and a registration system to capture all the inductee's details, including their qualifications. All your workers need is an internet connection via a Smart Phone, PC, Laptop or Tablet. We use a world renowned voice-over artist to present your induction video, which can be easily modified should you wish to make changes at any time. Of course, you will have access to the registration database to produce or print reports, conduct a search or even edit inductee details. Now, what if the entire package costs less than the monthly salary of one of your Supervisors or middle Managers, interested? Then why not call Paul Fakes on 0419 228 408 to find out just how easy it can be to have a professional company induction.

Introducing Tool Box Talks Online, an innovative way of delivering and registering Tool Box Talks to your workers, anywhere, anytime. So, why do you need to train both your employee's and contractor's?  Well, the WHS Act does not discriminate, it recognises both your employee's and contractor's as workers. As such, you need to demonstrate consultation with both. By utilising our Tool Box Talk training page and its unique registration process, you can effectively meet this critical legal requirement.

Introducing Safety Alerts. Now you can instantly let your workers know of any accidents, incidents or near misses that recently occurred in your industry or market sector. By notifying your workers what happened and what was the cause, you can highlight the actions needed to prevent a similar occurrence.

Introducing Risk Assessments online. Now your workers can conduct a risk assessment at the work place before starting work. Not only does this tool record hazards, risks and controls, it also provides helpful hints and safety rules for high risk activites. Managers, you can also view and print these reports from the administrators page.

Introducing Flash Incident Reports. Now you can quickly capture critical details and photos of an incident or accident using your smart phone, tablet or computer. By simply selecting the company from the drop down menu the automated system immediately contacts your Safety Manager or Supervisor with all the details of the incident or accident.